Summer Fitness Savings: The More You Visit, The More You Save!




Join our exclusive summer offer and unlock incredible savings on your fitness membership! Here's how it works:

Visit at least 4 times each calendar month to earn a £5 credit applied to your membership account monthly in arrears.

Spend your credits in and around the Centre or save them up over the next 12 months.

Double your savings: Accumulate up to £60 in credits and double their value to £120 against any membership renewal.

Maximize your rewards and enjoy the lowest membership prices ever – as low as £25 per month if you maximize your reward savings!

Terms and Conditions apply. Sign up now to start saving!

Fine Print

Terms and Conditions:

Eligibility: Offer valid for new and existing members who sign up for the summer fitness savings program.

Credit System: Members must visit at least 4 times each calendar month to earn a £5 credit, which will be applied to their membership account in arrears.

Credit Usage: Earned credits can be spent on services and products within the Centre or saved up over a 12-month period.

Doubling Credits: Credits saved over 12 months can be doubled in value and used as a discount against membership renewal. Maximum discount achievable through doubled credits is £120.

Monthly Visits: Credits are awarded based on a minimum of 4 visits per month. Visits are tracked automatically through the membership system.

Non-Transferable: Credits are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

Offer Period: This offer is valid for the duration of the summer campaign and may be subject to extension or early termination at the discretion of the management.

Membership Renewal: To utilize the doubled credit discount, members must renew their membership within the specified period at the end of the 12 months.

Modifications: The management reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer at any time without prior notice.

Exclusions: Certain exclusions may apply; please check with the Centre for details.


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